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Book Buddies 

I am excited to share two exciting programs we are creating here at our school. These programs are for middle school students, but benefit all students. Book Buddies is a student reading program. Middle School students can sign up to take 20 minutes out of their gym class to read to an elementary classroom. This program is going great with six middle school students having already read to pre-k through 2nd grade rooms. This allows the middle school students to get more variety in their day and it allows them to be great influences and role models to the younger children. Elementary students get to enjoy good stories and they see that the older kids care about them. I believe that this is helping to foster a very positive environment in the school.

Growing Together- Garden Project

Growing Together is a garden planting project on school property. We are starting from scratch with gloves and shovels and working on improving the areas around the school. Middle school students will be involved at every phase of this process from planning to planting. The students will get to be outside and see the results of their work as the gardens grow and change. We have a long term goal of building a greenhouse with help and support from our community. Both programs will be supervised by the school counselor. These are just a couple of the great things we are doing here at West!

Improving Attendance

We here at West Preston School are excited to share that our attendance numbers improved from October to November. The number of perfect attendance students for the month increased by almost 80! Thank you West Preston Students, Parents and Staff for helping make our mission to improve attendance a success. We at West Preston believe that student attendance does effect student achievement and we want the very best for all of our students.

Food for Preston

We are running an ongoing food drive to support Food for Preston. Food for Preston is an organization that provides food to the schools for the backpack program. Their website is included here - Their mission is to feed hungry families in Preston County and we at West Preston are doing what we can to support that cause. We will happily accept nonperishable food items at any time. If anyone has any food items that you do not need, please consider bringing it to the school. We really appreciate the support from the community and couldn’t sustain these programs without it. Thank you.